Vimergy Reishi 50G

Certified Organic


Reishi has your back. This protective, immune boosting wild mushroom extract is a gift straight from nature.

Busy lifestyles and constant exposure to toxins in our environment can wreak havoc on our health if we don’t fortify our immune system with the right foods and supplements. This powerful extract is invaluable in our fight to stay well. Research suggests that reishi possesses anti-tumor properties and may be a beneficial component of treatment for certain cancers.

  • Concentrated powder formula for faster absorption*
  • Single ingredient superfood
  • Formulated without fillers, anti-caking agents, or added sugar
  • Traditionally used for benefits to the stress response*

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product info

1. Helps fortify the immune system
2. Helps increase lymphocytes, neutrophils, and platelets
3. Potentially inhibits the growth of tumors
4. May help reverse certain liver conditions
5. Concentrated ten times into a potent Extract
6. Gluten Free and contains no additives or fillers

Serving: 1 tsp per day in hot water or a smoothie.

Size: 50g

Packaged weight: 70g


Reishi mushrooms are potent superfoods that provide powerful support and protection for delicate structures in cells and tissues.*

Reishi mushrooms have traditionally been used to support the body’s stress response and promote liver health.*

Reishi mushroom is an important source of biologically active compounds that provide protection from oxidative stress.*