De Cecco Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L


Enjoy the authentic taste of Italian olive oil in your own home, with a flavour incomparable to any other olive oil on the market De Cecco’s Extra Virgin olive oil is a must for lovers of Italian cuisine and pasta! Its rich and well balanced flavor brings out the taste of every dish. It is suitable for dressing, marinating and cooking. This is a cholesterol free product. Dark glass is used to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the oil. Ideal for: dressing, dips, cooking and frying.

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De Cecco’s “Classico” extra-virgin olive oil is the result of the DE CECCO family’s expertise, as they personally oversee the selection process. This is a high quality cold-extracted oil, which stands out for its golden yellow colour with green highlights and its suitability for all your recipes.

USES: it is ideal for all dishes, whether in cooking or drizzled on raw foods. A superior grade olive oil obtained directly from olives and exclusively by mechanical means. Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light sources.

Produced in Italy