Gloriously Free Quick Cook Gluten Free Oats 2kg


GF Quick Oats – Fast, Healthy and Gloriously Tasty! Quick oats are a favourite choice for the time conscious as they are quicker to cook. They are also easier to chew and digest than whole oats, so they are the perfect choice for children and the elderly. Whatever your reason for choosing Quick Oats, you will love that GF Quick Oats don’t compromise on the delicious taste and flavour of oats that you know and love.


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A small number of coeliac patients can react to the avenin in oats, it is recommended that these patients participate in an oat challenge with you medical practitioner “Grown and processed in certified facilities that are free from contamination and still full of taste.” When it comes to good health, GF Oats is dedicated to go the extra mile. GF Oat’s coeliac and gluten-sensitive customers trust us to make great-tasting snacks and cereals that won’t cause flares or digestive problems. GF Oats make all their products with Purity Protocol oats, guaranteed to be free of contamination from wheat, barley, and rye. A farm-to-table process, it identifies and eliminates points where contamination could have occurred. “The Oats you can Trust”. Here is why: Grown, processed and tested to be free of gluten contamination from wheat, rye, barley and spelt. They are the same oats labelled as gluten-free around the world, but here in Australia we are restricted by labelling laws. Sourced from specialised Aussie farmers growing some of the most nutritious oats in the world, using minimal-impact growing techniques and crop exclusion zones. Their oats seed is sourced from their own seed stocks and has a unique roasted creamy flavour that comes from their unique shelf-stable mill processes and production line that is free of the top 8 allergens. Other oat brands may be labelled “Wheat-free” however, it is important to note that the term “wheat-free” does not mean that the product is also free of rye and barley which are grains that also contain gluten. Our oat fields are walked at various stages to identify foreign contaminates. All oats are sun-dried. This means that there is no crop topping with chemicals. Strict compliance from seed to plate to ensure oats are premium and pure. No machine seed sorting is utilised. The first company to introduce Australia to uncontaminated oats 14 years ago.

  • Exclusively Gluten-Contamination Free: While no oats can claim to be “gluten-free” in Australia, ours stand out as completely free from wheat, rye, and barley contamination. The Gold Standard in Oats.
  • Sourced from Specialist Farmers: We partner with Australian farmers known for their nutritious sundried oats, grown with minimal environmental impact and processed to retain a unique roasted, creamy flavour.
  • Clear on ‘Wheat-free” Our branding emphasizes the distinction that “wheat-free” does NOT guarantee freedom from other gluten-containing grains like rye and barley.
  • Dedication to Purity: From seed to plate, we ensure strict compliance and purity, with no machine seed sorting and thorough inspection of oat fields to eliminate foreign contaminants

    Elevate your meals with GF Traditional Oats, and experience the difference of truly pure, nutritious, and versatile oats. Every spoonful is a testament to our commitment to your health and satisfaction.



Free from the gluten found in Wheat, Rye & Barley, Sun Dried, Vegan, Chemical, Free, Refined Sugar-Free, GMO-Free, Soy Free, Glyphosate Free, Sun-dried



Pure Steamed Rolled Quick Oats – Sun-dried, chemical-free

May contain peanuts, and tree nuts.  (please email us if you need a nut-free option and we can pack separately)

*In Australia we are unable to call any product that contains oats – gluten-free and we must declare it as an allergen. We have the Gold Standard in Oats, nil gluten contamination from seed to plate from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. A small percentage of Coeliac patients react to the Avenin in oats, please do an oat challenge before consuming our oats.


nutritional info

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1/2 cup or 40g Average Quantity Per serving
Energy 583.2 kj
Protein 4.28 g
Fat, total 3.40 g
  – saturated 0.64 g
  – monounsaturated 1.36 g
  – polyunsaturated 1.44 g
  – trans Less than 0.1 g
Carbohydrate, total 20.64 g
  – sugars 1 g
Sodium Less than 5 mg
Dietary Fibre 4 g
Ingredients: 100% Traditional Steamed Rolled GF Oats
Gluten Friendly, (tested to nil gluten) Vegan, Wheat Free, Glyphosate Free, Refined Sugar-Free, GMO-Free, Soy Free